Career Objective
A bit about me and what I'm looking for

My objective is to leverage my experience while continuing to be challenged and grow professionally. I have 12 years of experience working in the IT field, primarily as a web developer, server and network administrator. This diverse combination of disciplines along with a drive and determination to consistently achieve success as a leader has benefited all of the organizations that I have worked with in the past.

Work Experience

June 2014 – Present

Management Research Services
Industry: Insurance
  • Maintain and extend a custom internal web application built on Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.
  • Integrate with multiple third party data sources to provide applicant information to real-time insurance decision engines, using technologies such as SOAP, XML and RESTful web services.
  • Built custom integration modules in PHP, to interface with various insurance carriers.
  • Improved MySQL schema and queries to significantly improve performance.
  • Introduced the Atlassian suite of products, improving source control (GIT/Bitbucket), project management (JIRA) and documentation (Confluence).
  • Led a DevOps initiative, improving infrastructure consistency, upgradability and stability for both local development environments and infrastructure deployment by using Ansible to manage system builds.
  • Led a data center migration and introduced virtualization to the production environment.
  • Review, update and participate in monitoring of critical infrastructure to ensure system availability.
  • Maintain, troubleshoot and resolve critical issues surrounding company server and infrastructure.
    Provide all necessary IT insight and scope for customer SOW/RFP documents.
  • Maintain successful relationships with client contacts.
  • Manage internal developers and contractor as augmentation needs arise.
  • Maintain internal and cloud based phone system settings and dial plans, ensuring insurance application calls are recorded

July 2013 – June 2014

Nelson Schmidt
Industry: Marketing and Advertising
  • Lead developer on
    • Maintain and improve a highly customized WordPress CMS, utilizing HTML5/CSS3/jQuery were possible.
    • Introduced and maintain version control and strategic plan for source code maintenance.
    • Effectively maintain a large number of complex projects while meeting milestones, project requirements and deliverable dates with a high rate of success.
    • Participate on weekly status calls with other project leads and key client contacts, attending onsite meetings when necessary.
    • Work closely with internal team members to improve efficiency and accuracy of deliverables.
  • Member of the .NET/Umbraco CMS team for and its child web properties.
    • Efficiently complete projects as estimated for six different client websites, all using the Umbraco CMS.
    • Participate in ticket management including client maintenance and upgrade requests.
    • Work with Microsoft SQL databases to improve or create necessary queries.
  • Lead developer on a re-face and custom CMS update to
    • Plan technical requirements and complete scope with key internal and client contacts.
    • Efficiently add updates to a custom and undocumented CMS platform.
    • Met all deadlines while exceeding deliverable requirements scoped for the project.

April 2012 – July 2013

Management Research Services
Industry: Insurance
  • Improve the internal web application which handles request and procurement of medical records, telephone interviews and call recordings.
    • Integrated a seamless motor vehicle records requests process via web service calls.
    • Introduced an AJAX based intelligent data matching of facility information, from which medical records are requested, thereby improving the speed at which a CSR can obtain medical records from facilities.
    • Troubleshot and identify efficiency issues both in software and SQL queries.
  • Billing system efficiency improvement.
    • Migrate to PHPExcel library, introduce images, formulas and backend logic to reduce billing errors and amount of time needed to complete.
    • Review and improve SQL queries database structure and index strategy.
  • Maintain phone system for over 60 employees both internal and across the continental US.
    • Troubleshoot and resolve call recording and reporting issues.
    • Add, remove and update configuration as the environment changes.
    • Support, participate and advise during a migration to a 3rd party (inContact).
  • Maintain internal infrastructure including routers, switches, servers (virtual and physical), printers, telephones and workstations.

September 2005 – April 2012

Regis Marketing Group
Industry: Marketing and Advertising
  • Internal Business Network Application (IBN)
    • Maintain and improve the company IBN, which handles the processing of over 100,000 rebates per month.
    • Introduced AJAX based regular expression matching to automate validation of key data entry points, thereby improving data entry speed by 50% and dramatically improving data quality.
    • Created a configurable reporting system to reduce time spent on ad-hoc reporting requests for clients. Reports are produced in an XML format, readable by Excel and distributed on a nightly basis via email.
    • Improved SQL database design to increase performance and efficiency.
  • PKD –
    • Work closely and effectively with PKD program directors, to produce an online rewards platform and custom eCommerce system which is very easy to use.
    • Simplified the redemption process by designing an AJAX based no-account-needed, authentication system.
    • Created a custom T-Shirt designer using jQuery and jQuery UI. (
    • UPS WorldShip integration to automate the import of tracking numbers and shipping charges.
  • RMG Online Reporting System
    • Using the LAMP stack, provide real-time access front end to existing MSSQL and MySQL databases.
    • Built with jQuery and jQuery UI to provide fluidity and ease-of-use.
    • Automate delivery of XML (Excel compatible) reports and provide on-the-fly report queue management in a web based environment.
    • Demo available at (
  • Harley Davidson Dealer Rewards System
    • Designed and implemented a fully integrated rewards platform using the LAMP stack providing seamless interaction between existing Harley Dealer’s POS systems and a single central rewards platform.
    • Web services are utilized to transfer information from Harley dealers to the central rewards system.
    • Introduced barcode technology to improve security and redemption speed during POS checkout.
    • Produced PHP based modules to provide clients with an ability to extend existing websites with rewards program functionality by integrating rewards into their ecommerce platforms.
  • Responsible for the management of subordinate and contractual employees on various project including programming, hardware and software improvements.
  • Maintain excellent working relationships with customers in both IT and Management business units as a point of contact for support and strategic planning.
  • Participate in and lead projects maintained in Basecamp.